Different Types Of Oils Used in Paintings by Professionals

As the name suggests, Winsor & Newton’s Artist line of oil colors is the brand’s most professional range. This line of oil paint stands out for its versatility, perfect for both impastos and the most transparent glazes. Of course, the degree of opacity of its colors will depend on the pigments that form it.

Of course, this range is made with the highest quality pigments and with the best selection of binders. Regarding the Artist oil color chart, this line of Winsor & Newton oil colors consists of 125 colors . Due to its commitment to quality, 74 colors in this chart are made with a single pigment. Thus, they allow clean mixes with a perfect shine that will turn your palette into the perfect combination.

Recommended for both hobbyists and professional artists , the winton range of oil colors is second to none of any artist range. Although it is true that it has a lower amount of pigments than the previous ones, they are high quality oil paints.

Winton is a very smooth paint that glides across the canvas without the need for solvents. Also, unlike Winsor and Newton Artists Oil Colors, the Winton line of oil colors stands out for its consistency. This line of oil paint retains brush or palette knife strokes, giving an incredible finish. This characteristic makes this paint ideal for sgraffito or impastos.

In addition, thanks to their fluidity and value for money , these Winsor & Newton oil colors are ideal for large-area artists. Available in 200ml tubes. These oils are perfect for painting on large canvases in a simple and economical way.

The Winsor and Newton Artisan range is the brand’s most revolutionary oil paint. Unlike the previous ones, Artisan oil is water-based oil. What is oil on water? Unlike traditional oil, this innovative range can be used without solvents.

In this way you can paint with the texture and technique of oil painting while enjoying the convenience of water painting. A perfect paint to work in a small studio or outdoors while helping to take care of the environment.

This range, which is among the best water-based oils on the market, includes 40 colours. All its color chart is available in 37ml or 200ml tubes. If this new range of water-based oils does not convince you, we leave you with some of its main characteristics.

The drying time is similar to the traditional one: first the water evaporates and then it begins to dry
As you can see, the characteristics of these Winsor and Newton water-based oil colors are similar to those of traditional oil paints. If you want to know more about Artisan oil paint, take a look at our tutorial: How to use Artisan water-based oil paint .

Now that you know the best oil paints, the time has come to get down to work. For this you can do an online course of initiation to oil painting . In this case, we recommend that you take a course like this one on oil painting from scratch taught by the artist Ale Casanova in which you will learn everything about the technique. More than 10,000 students have already learned to paint in oil with this course. Online and at your own pace

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