Challenges Of Implementing TSU in Paramilitaries To Overcome

The Minister of the Interior (MINT), Arsénia Massingue, assured today that the challenges of implementing the new Single Salary Table (TSU) in the paramilitary areas of this institution will be overcome soon.

She explained that it is a complex process, because before the civil service had about 50 salary tables and the union of all of them in one ends up being subject to failures, but the important thing is that the Government is aware and willing to correct.

Arsénia Massingue was speaking this morning with the corporation, during a graduation ceremony she led in the city of Tete, as part of the conclusion of her four-day visit to this region of the country, with the aim of assessing the degree of compliance with the Five Year Plan. of the Government (PQG).

“Harmonizing more than 50 salary tables into one is a delicate process, so the Government itself decided to create a commission to respond to all concerns that may exist. We have already reported the problems that exist at the level of our ministry, we await the response and as soon as they are resolved they will be covered with the retroactively provided for”, he guaranteed.

The President of the Republic, Filipe Nyusi, assured today that Mozambique offers a stable, transparent and predictable environment for the realization of multi-billion investments.

Speaking to the nation a moment ago, on the occasion of the first export of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) in the Rovuma Basin, in our country, the Statesman highlighted the effects on the external balance through the export channel, “the improvement of public accounts through the collection of tax revenue through taxes on production.

Profit sharing and normal taxation under the IRPC, as well as the appropriation of modern technology by Mozambicans trained throughout the various phases of the construction of the floating platform”, he said.

“We appeal, however, to Mozambicans, not to take gas exploration as the only and greatest solution for our project to develop Mozambique”, he warned.

He encouraged Mozambicans to maintain and intensively increase production and productivity in their traditional activities, such as agriculture, fishing, tourism, power generation projects, among others.

He encouraged the paramilitaries to continue working, stating that the Government would never harm the Defense and Security Forces, because part of the millions of arms referred to in the National Anthem is this layer and without public order there is no development.

He also said that the TSU will not be the last barrier to be overcome, as the ministry is aware of the various challenges that paramilitary areas face, such as the need to improve facilities and working conditions. Regarding these adversities, he promised that MINT will gradually resolve them, as he is aware that they need resources to work.

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